Our modern clinic and its on site laboratory use state of the art equipment and the latest technology and techniques to help us prescribe the right dentures for you. All our partial denture teeth are sourced from Germany for the highest quality.


Process of Developing a Partial Denture

Partial DenturesThe process of developing the right partial denture for you contains out of six steps which can be done in five to six appointments. Your first visit to Gold Coast Dentures by Design will include a consult, an exam, primary impressions and a 30% deposit will be taken. The next time you come in to take secondary impressions with custom trays. We will then send these impressions to a laboratory for the fabrication of the metal framework if needed. It usually takes a week for us to receive the work. In the following step, bite blocks or registration, shade and shape of the teeth are chosen before the wax try-in of the teeth takes places. We can make changes and schedule more try-ins until you are fully satisfied with the result. Afterwards, the denture will be fitted into your mouth. Gold Coast Dentures by Design invites you to do a post insertion check-up for sore spots to finish the treatment.


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