Implant retained dentures are full dentures which can be secured onto the implant abutments in the gum. When processing the denture, Gold Coast Dentures by Design will include the retention housings which will start with the least retentive and can be replaced when needed.

Sometimes impressions need to be taken with the dentist if abutments have been outgrown by the tissue to ensure an optimum impression. 


Advantages of Implant Retained Denturesimplant retained dentures

Implant retained dentures are very functional as they do not move around while chewing and conversing. Furthermore, they can easily be removed for cleaning. The dental implants stabilise the full denture (can be upper or lower jaw dentures) and give you the possibility to consume whatever food you would like without having doubt about loosing your teeth. Usually three to five conventional dental implants are enough to stabilise your denture. 


To find out more about the treatment longevity, cost, maintenance and results of implant retained dentures, read our Denture Comparison.



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