Immediate Dentures can be done within 3 to 6 appointments similar to full and partial dentures but they may not be able to be tried in. Instead you might go straight from impression taking to insert the denture with your Prosthetist or dentist immediately after the extraction of your remaining or unstable teeth.


What do I have to consider if I decide to get immediate dentures?

Your new denture may not fit well after insertion. Your dentist or Prosthetist will position the denture for you on the day of your surgery. Adhesives and temporary liners with tissue conditioners can be used to help your denture fit better. Nevertheless, you have to expect to experience discomfort with your new denture. Due to the pain of the extraction sites and swelling of surrounding tissue, it is possible sore areas will be present at some point. This can make the first few weeks difficult, please do not expect to be going about your normal work or social routine. 

Furthermore, increased saliva, different chewing sounds, facial contour, gagging, a loss of tasteimmediate denture and of hot and cold sensation can be expected, you may also experience difficulties speaking and eating, as if you are learning these tasks all over again. 

You will notice that your supporting tissue will change, there will be bone loss and it is unpredictable – your immediate denture will loosen during the healing process. As mentioned previously tissue conditioning treatments and denture adhesives can be used. You may need several permanent relines along the way – once again, this is case by case, and your Prosthetist will guide you through this as you recuperate from your oral surgery.

In most cases, a patient will have great success wearing their immediate dentures. The recovery and healing process is as individual as you, please be patient and do not hesitate to contact our team to assist you.


How do I first use my immediate denture?

An immediate denture is usually worn for at least the first 24 hours, however, this may be reviewed depending on your dentist or Prosthetist and you will be advised personally as this recommendation can vary case by case. The denture can act as a ‘bandaid’ and assist with blood clotting. In most cases your Prosthetist will remove the denture for you art your appointment, usually the following day depending on the time of your surgery.


What will my immediate denture look like?

Aesthetics can be unpredictable, however, the prosthetists at Dentures by Design will do their utmost to provide you with a favourable outcome, although without a try-in process, expectations can vary from patient to patient. Every effort is made to improve the position, shade and shape of your natural teeth, but if the immediate denture is not quite as you expected, a new denture can be made at your expense once the healing is complete.

The cost of an immediate denture are in the same range as pricing for full and partial dentures but the appliance will require extra maintenance. Since the production of immediate dentures takes slightly longer to prepare than of other options, an extra charge will be placed on the full denture prices. 


For more information about cost, treatment longevity and results of immediate dentures, please got to our Denture Comparison.



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