Gold Coast Dentures by Design supports all sportive juniors and seniors on the Gold Coast in supplying custom-made mouthguards. Splints and other orthodontic appliances, for example to prevent sleep apnoea (teeth grinding at night), can be made on request. 


Service Appliance Treatment Time Maintenance Results Treatment Longevity
Mouthguard Usually a 15 to 30 minute appointment where primary impressions of upper and lower jaw is taken.
Models are poured and dual layer mouthguard is made with bite included into mouthguard for extra protection of the jaw.
Rinse mouthguard after every use and keep in mouthguard box provided.
Names and numbers can also be place in the mouthguards if needed.
Teeth are kept safe during sport. A mouthguard can reduce the risk of concussion and protects the jaw. If kids have decisious teeth mouthguards don’t last very long as the mouth is changing rapidly.
Mostly you should get a year or two out of it if looked after well.
Splint splints-orthodontic-appliance These can only be fabricated direct for you with a written referral from a dentist with specific instructions outlining the type of splint required.      



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