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At Gold Coast Dentures by Design, we offer personalised denture and patient care at our private denture clinic at Burleigh Heads. Our modern clinic and its on site laboratory use state of the art equipment and the latest technology and techniques to help us prescribe the right dentures for you. All health funds and DVA Gold Card holders are welcome and a referral is not required. Make an appointment for an obligation free quote with Dr Lericha Harvey today!

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At Gold Coast Dentures by Design, we will find the right denture solution for you. Find out more about the six steps to get a full denture.

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We also offer both acrylic or cast metal partial dentures. Find out more about the six appointment steps to get your partial denture here. 

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Flexible Partial Dentures are considered by many of our patients to be the most comfortable option. Read more about these dentures here. 

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The process for an immediate denture is similar to full and partial dentures but may not be able to be tried in. Find out more about immediate dentures here.

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For the implant retained denture, a full denture is made onto the implant abutments in the gum. Find out more about this possibility here.

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Find out in our Denture Comparison which solution might suit you and read more about treatment time, maintenance, results, treatment longevity and cost of each option.

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Is your denture broken, worn, or ill-fitting? At Gold Coast Dentures by Design, we offer same day denture relines and where possible repairs so that you can rely on your teeth again shortly.     

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Do you need a mouthguard to participate in contact sports? Or did your dentist refer you because clenching your teeth at night is a problem? We can help you.    

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Lericha Harrington Dentures by Design

Dr Lericha Harvey

Gold Coast Dentures by Design

Lericha Harvey (formerly Harrington) or Lily, as most of her patients know her, is a Dental Prosthetist. Lily has spent most of her life wanting to be involved in the dental industry. A dent...

Angel Schroter Dental Technician Orthodontic Appliances Gold Coast

Angel Schroter

Gold Coast Dentures by Design

Angel Schroter began her dental career in 1998 as a dental assistant in Brisbane. Having always had a particular interest in dental laboratory work, she accepted a position as Dentures by Design found...


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