If you have a broken, worn or ill-fitting denture, our team will be able to help you. It might not need to be replaced but after a quick assessment our Prosthetist will be able to tell you whether a denture reline or a denture repair is the right solution.


Same Day Service

denture repair

At Gold Coast Dentures by Design, we offer same day service for relines and where possible repairs. Please be aware that repairs might take longer due to different requirements for your denture. 


What is a reline?

If a reline of your denture is necessary, our team will add new base material to the tissues side of the denture. Afterwards, it should fit properly just like a new one. Please be aware of the fact that a denture reline only affects the fit of your denture and does not change the overall appearance.


When does my denture need to be repaired?

If your denture is broken or chipped, a restoration can bring your appliance back to its original state. Sometimes it might also be the case that you want one or more teeth to be added to your denture because it/they got extracted. Another reason for a repair is the daily wear and tear. 


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