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Let’s explain when an immediate denture is by using an example, suppose, for instance, that you have eight remaining upper teeth. These teeth are, unfortunately, poor and cannot be used in any way to support a new denture. If you were to have a traditional denture made, it would be necessary to have all of these teeth extracted first, the bone and gums would have to heal and then a denture could be made.

The process could take several months if not longer and for that time period you would have to go around without any teeth. As an alternative to having you go around toothless while the gums heal, we utilize an Immediate Denture technique.

The process involves taking impressions of your mouth while your teeth are still present. Models of your mouth are then produced. Your clinician can then do simulated extractions on the models and place the denture teeth as close as you require to your natural setting and correct many things about tooth position that you may not be happy with at present.

When your teeth are extracted, your new denture is ready to be inserted by your dentist. In this way you never have to walk around without teeth.

In some cases it will not be possible to see what they will look like, but with years of experience making these types of dentures and with intense consultation with you in regard to size shape and colour of your new teeth, usually a more aesthetic result is achieved.

  • Once healing has occurred, after 4 to 6 months, you will either need a reline of your immediate denture or the fabrication of an entirely new denture. If a new one is to be made, our team will then be able to make any aesthetic and phonetic changes that you want within the limits of the denture prosthodontics. If a new denture is to be made, you will then be able to use the immediate denture as a spare (emergency) denture. This can sure come in handy if your new denture should break and need to be repaired. Failure to reline an immediate denture may allow hyperplasic tissue to grow around the denture.
  • Our team will provide an estimate of costs to reline or remake your denture once your mouth has healed at 4 to 6 months post extraction. If you have any questions or require further information regarding Immediate Dentures, phone or ask at your next Gold Coast Dentures By Design appointment. We can restore your smile and ensure that the cause of soreness is removed, but only you have ability to preserve with your new denture and adapt to eating and speaking with dentures.

It really is important to keep up the maintenance of your dentures to ensure they keep their cleanliness and prevent staining and possible odours.

  • Always put a soft towel or flannel in the basin to prevent any chipping of the teeth and acrylic
  • Use a soft brush (a denture brush specifically designed to get into all the crevices is helpful)
  • Generally soap or detergent will keep them clean but there are some good denture cleaners available from your Pharmacy if you would like to use them. We usually have some samples on hand – so if your calling past we are happy to provide you with a trial size sample

General Questions

Dentures by Design is located at Suite 4/79 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220. Our clinic is just a short drive from Stockland Shopping Centre at Burleigh Heads and is on the bottom floor of the same professional business complex building as GJ Gardner Homes which also includes Oscar Oscar Salons HQ and Jade Finance Australia.

Our clinic can be accessed from the main road via the driveway on the side of the building.

Yes, we offer ZipPay and ZipMoney as a payment plan options, so you can pay for your service or treatment over split payments.

If the free parking in front of our clinic is full, there are more car parks available underground. You can find more free parking by following the driveway underneath the building, making a slight right turn, and driving to the end of the building to the free outdoor carpark.

Alternatively, you can find more street parking in front of the complex.

You do not need a referral to see a Dental Prosthetist. He or she is an oral care professional who has completed extensive training to become firstly a dental technician, who works by referral from a Dentist, and finally a Dental Prosthetist who is registered to consult patients directly. A Dental Prosthetist is registered to undertake the manufacture of complete dentures, partial dentures and mouthguards.

When you put yourself in the care of a Dental Prosthetist you can be secure in the knowledge that you are being looked after by a health professional with the most comprehensive knowledge of advanced techniques, new materials and the latest world trends in the field of denture prosthetics.

Under the new national laws Dental Prosthetists are able to practice in every State/ Territory in Australia.

Missing teeth causes bone loss. Significant bone loss can shrink the contours of the jawbone, causing wrinkled lips and a sunken mouth and chin.

Attractive, healthy teeth play an important role in our general health and well-being. You look and feel confident, free to laugh with friends and family – anytime and anywhere. There are many reasons why people lose their teeth, which can have a strong impact on your quality of life.

Missing teeth can cause bone loss and the jawbone to shrink. This is because the bone is no longer stimulated when you chew food – something that happens routinely when you use your natural teeth. This causes physical changes to your face. Your jaw line shrinks, causing dentures to lose their fit. They often slip, cause pain, or even become embarrassing. That is why attractive, healthy teeth are important for health and overall well-being.

Lab Service Enquiries

Depending on the service, the turnaround time may vary.

Same-day repairs, relines and additions

These services require a booking in advance.

Smaller jobs (i.e.. Custom trays, bite registration rim)

Turnaround time is one to two working days in the lab excluding courier times.

Larger jobs (e.g. Set up denture, finish denture)

Turnaround time is three to four working days in lab excluding courier times.

Metal frameworks

Turnaround time is 10 to 15 working days in the lab excluding courier times.


Please contact us directly for more detailed information about our services and turnaround times on (07) 5576 6758 or email us at [email protected].

We currently service dentists Australia-wide.

For Gold Coast locations, pick-ups are organised via courier with direct pick-up available within a 10km radius of our clinic in Burleigh Heads.

For all clinicians outside of the Gold Coast, please send your jobs directly to us at Dentures by Design using a courier or directly dropping it off to our practice.

Once we complete a job or task, we will then organise a courier to send it to you from our practice. However, you are also welcome to arrange a time to pick up your work from our practice.

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