Dental Laboratory Services at Gold Coast Dentures by Design


At Gold Coast Dentures by Design, we are fortunate enough to have an Orthodontic Technorthodontic laboratory services for dentists gold coastician join the team in 2017. Angel Schroter is here to offer her expertise and delivers dental laboratory services to dentists on the Gold Coast. She is a fully qualified dental technician with over 10 years of experience working in the orthodontic industry. 

We can now offer dental laboratory services including orthodontic services in addition to removable prosthetics to dentist and other health professionals. If you have a question about an orthodontic appliance just give us call, Angel can fabricate almost anything in our laboratory. Below are just some of the appliances made by Gold Coast Dentures by Design and some of the indications of use.

Orthodontic appliances are used for treatment of malocclusion and is usually prescribed by a dentist or orthodontist so be sure to visit your friendly health professional.

Type of Orthodontic Appliance Use
Space Maintainer
  • Prevent adjacent teeth from drifting into space created by prematurely extracted deciduous teeth
  • Band and Loop for unilateral space, Lower Holding Arch (LHA) and Nance Appliance for bilateral spaces
  • With or without adjustment loops
Thumb Sucking Habit Appliance
  • Many designs to discourage even the most persistent thumb sucker
Trans- Palatal Arch (TPA)
  • Maintain palatal expansion after removal of Rapid Maxillary Expander (can add arms contoured to palatal of 7/6/5/4)
  • Rotate molars into more ideal position to improve bite
  • Minor expansion of posterior teeth
  • Can add arms for palatally impacted canine retraction post-surgical exposure
  • Add Nance Button to prevent mesial drift of molars due to premature extraction of deciduous teeth
  • Add reverse pull headgear hooks to advance maxilla
Cantilever Bite Jumper (CBJ) / Herbst Appliance
  • Used to correct severe overjet/ overbite
  • Upper and lower appliances connected with telescoping arms which position the mandible forward
Upper Removable Appliance (URA)
  • Many configurations customised to each patient’s needs
  • Growth modification during mixed dentition
Kois Deprogrammer
  • The Kois Deprogrammer is a removable, plastic appliance that covers the hard palate and creates a single point of contact between the lower central incisor and the anterior bite plane. Used for evaluating the stability of a patient’s bite, the Kois Deprogrammer is of invaluable assistance to dentists trying to locate a patient’s optimal jaw position or distinguish between the three types of abnormal occlusal attrition – Constricted Path of Closure (PCP), Occlusal Dysfunction and Parafunction (bruxism).
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Bonded Retainer
  • Splint Anterior teeth together post braces, or in cases of mobility associated with trauma or periodontal disease.
  • Hygienic retainer allows easy flossing for patients susceptible to interproximal decay or who have difficulty flossing.
Vacuum formed retainer (VFR) / Removable Orthodontic Retainer
  • A custom made appliance made from clear plastic which hold teeth in position after surgery or after realigning of teeth.
  • Temporary replacement of missing teeth ideal for special events. An acrylic pontic tooth can be placed in the missing space and a VFR formed over it.



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