How do immediate dentures get adapted?

  • It is very important that you follow the post-operative instructions of your dentist and this practice very carefully. Your follow up appointment is very important. You must wear your new immediate denture for three days or such time as your dentist instructs you, after the surgery without removing it. This will help to control the swelling and bleeding.
  • You must follow the oral hygiene instructions provided by your Dentist and this practice. This will usually included frequent rinsing of the mouth with salty water. This helps control harmful bacteria thereby encouraging healing of the gums. 
  • In order to compensate for the rapid change that occurs during healing, a temporary denture lining may be used to adapt the fit surface of the denture to their present size and shape of the supportive tissues. The duration of the effectiveness of the lining depends upon when the lining is done and the degree of shrinkage in your mouth. Our team will advise you of the fee cost for this service.
  • There may be other adjustments to the denture that are necessary to help keep them comfortable during the healing period. You should consult this practice if you are experiencing soreness. Experience shows that soreness is the greatest handicap to denture comfort and tolerance.

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